Wireline Providers

The wireline telephone industry has changed drastically over the past decade. Our 45+ years of customer satisfaction research will help you to evaluate and compare customer satisfaction performance and raise the standard of satisfaction and quality for consumers.


Wireless Providers

Consumers have many options when choosing a wireless phone provider. Our cross-industry experience will provide you with the actionable research, insights and solutions needed to better understand customers’ perceptions, expectations and behaviours and to ultimately increase loyalty and maximize profits.


Media & Marketing

For automotive marketers, it is critical to understand your market—both current and future—inside and out. This includes understanding the factors that drive awareness and interest in particular models, as well as in your brand. With more than 45 years of industry experience, we answer the important questions to help you understand your customers, market trends, and current and future market drivers, which may help to advance your business and, ultimately, positively impact your bottom line.



Understanding the shopping process and how to reach customers through ads and promotions is critical to the success of any business. This is one of the most competitive and dynamic areas of the business cycle in the automotive industry, and the pressure is on to target the right customers with the right message, at the right time. Our 45+ years enables us to help you understand your customers and their shopping behavior and how effective you are at moving them from the shopping process to the sales process.



We understand the extent of planning that goes into designing, building, marketing and selling a vehicle, and the importance of understanding the target market before, during and after the process.  Understanding the consumer voice in addition to the external factors—trends by region, market drivers—is essential to succeeding in this highly competitive environment. Our roots are in the automotive industry and with our 45+ years of tracking and analyzing consumer opinions, we can provide insights throughout the product lifecycle to maximize success and profitability.


Infographic | Estudio de Calidad Inicial 2013

El Estudio de calidad inicial de J.D. Power, sirve como benchmark de la industria para evaluar la calidad de vehículos nuevos, ha sido rediseñado para el año 2013. El estudio ha sido mejorado para lograr una medición más precisa de los vehículos actuales, especialmente de problemas relacionados con tecnologías nuevas y funciones actualmente disponibles. Además, el estudio —que se realiza hace 27 años— permite una devolución más detallada de los propietarios de vehículos nuevos.



From a tire manufacturer’s perspective, the best opportunity for repeat sales is to convert customers’ experience with their original equipment tires into the purchase of the same brand replacement tires. The Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) Study assists tire manufacturers by exploring the issues that drive satisfaction with original tires, assessing the impact of tire attributes on overall satisfaction with tires and providing a comparison of satisfaction across original equipment tire brands.



Uncover how we address the needs of every facet of the automotive industry through all stages of the vehicle lifecycle—from product planning to loyalty and retention—to drive results for you.

For more than 45 years, J.D. Power has been a trusted advisor in measuring the Voice of the Customer in the automotive industry, helping clients measure, understand, and improve the key performance metrics that drive growth and profitability.



Descubra como nós atendemos as necessidades da cada faceta da indústria automotiva durante todos os estágios do ciclo de vida do veículo, desde o planejamento do produto, à lealdade e retenção para impulsionar resultados para você.

Por mais de 45 anos, a J.D. Power tem sido um consultor confiável na medição da Voz do Consumidor na indústria automotiva, ajudando clientes a medir, entender e melhorar os principais indicadores de desempenho que impulsionam o crescimento e a lucratividade.

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Industry Solutions

We know that measuring customer experience is not easy—but that’s where we can help. Through our proprietary index model, we identify the many drivers of customer experience, accurately measure and link their impact to business results, and uncover insights to drive results for you—leading to better products and services and loyal brand advocates.



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