J.D. Power Webcast I Utility Communications: A Key Touch-Point

Communications have a significant influence on customers’ perceptions, level of engagement, and overall satisfaction with their utility.  It is one of the six weighted factors in the J.D. Power Utility Customer Satisfaction Index model.


Claims Performance Improvement Program

Improving the overall customer claims experience requires insurers to identify the areas that need improvement and to align their improvement initiatives across the entire organization. The challenge is knowing where to focus. The Claims Performance Improvement Program uses J.D. Power benchmark data to assess an insurer’s current claims processes.

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J.D. Power Store | 2014 U.S. Automotive Franchise Assessment

In today's competitive automotive environment, automakers and dealers are fighting for every sale while trying to improve customer satisfaction and financial results. Not everyone will prosper, or maybe even survive. The 2014 U.S. Automotive Franchise Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of how each of 32 franchises are performing in the U.S. market.


U.S. Automotive Consumer Insights

ACI Defined

J.D. Power’s Automotive Consumer Insights (ACI) is a new product developed exclusively for media sellers, which…


Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study

As the expectations of home appliance purchasers continue to evolve, retailers must understand their customers and their experiences to ensure and reap the benefits of high levels of customer satisfaction. Knowing how customers evaluate your company’s practices and services, compared with those of competitors, helps increase your competitive advantage by targeting performance improvement initiatives that may increase overall customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty and recommendations, and create retailer loyalty.


U.S. Large Business Commercial Insurance Satisfaction Study

The Challenge

The large business commercial insurance market is a unique niche for which there is very limited information available on competitors. With no benchmark or industry-wide baseline for customer satisfaction, how can insurers identify their own strengths and weaknesses—and those of their competitors—in responding to customers’ expectations? Further, how can insurers address critical customer issues that impact loyalty and retention?


Rockwell F. Clancy II


U.S. Consumer Financing Satisfaction Study

Today’s new-vehicle buyers face a complex marketplace, one in which decisions related to both vehicle acquisition and financing alternatives are approached with caution and scrutiny. Consumers’ expectations go beyond obtaining a competitive interest rate and/or monthly payment. As the relationship with their finance provider progresses, customers demand efficient servicing and support from knowledgeable staff throughout the life of their loan/lease.


U.S. New Autoshopper Study

In today’s digital age, consumers research product information in a variety of different ways—and often at the click of a button. It’s critical for automotive manufacturers and third-party website companies to maximize the ability to engage with and assist shoppers in their search for newvehicle information. It’s equally important to understand how shoppers utilize digital information on websites and apps through a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets—in order to determine the most effective ways to reach in-market shoppers effectively across the digital landscape.


J.D. Power to Release 2018 APEAL Study Findings July 25

On July 25, 2018, J.D. Power is scheduled to publicly release highlights and performance and design ratings from its 2018 U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study.


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