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For automotive marketers, it is critical to understand your market—both current and future—inside and out. This includes understanding the factors that drive awareness and interest in particular models, as well as in your brand. With more than 45 years of industry experience, we answer the important questions to help you understand your customers, market trends, and current and future market drivers, which may help to advance your business and, ultimately, positively impact your bottom line.



Understanding the shopping process and how to reach customers through ads and promotions is critical to the success of any business. This is one of the most competitive and dynamic areas of the business cycle in the automotive industry, and the pressure is on to target the right customers with the right message, at the right time. Our 45+ years enables us to help you understand your customers and their shopping behavior and how effective you are at moving them from the shopping process to the sales process.



We understand the extent of planning that goes into designing, building, marketing and selling a vehicle, and the importance of understanding the target market before, during and after the process.  Understanding the consumer voice in addition to the external factors—trends by region, market drivers—is essential to succeeding in this highly competitive environment. Our roots are in the automotive industry and with our 45+ years of tracking and analyzing consumer opinions, we can provide insights throughout the product lifecycle to maximize success and profitability.


Event | J.D. Power China 2014 CSI/SSI Award Ceremony

J.D. Power President Finbarr O’Neill was invited to the CSI and SSI award ceremonies with Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen on August 28, 2014. The ceremonies were held in the showrooms of Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen in Chengdu during the time of Chengdu Auto Show.


Event | J.D. Power颁奖典礼领导合影

左起依次为 (from left to right) :

Chinese, Simplified

Apresentação | 5° Encuentro Automotor de Chile

—Jon Sederstrom, Diretor geral da J.D. Power do Brasil

Portuguese, Brazil

Apresentação | 2012 Congresso Fenabrave - Finbarr O'Neill

— Finbarr O'Neill, presidente, J.D. Power

Portuguese, Brazil

Presentation | 2013 Congresso Fenabrave - Darren Slind

—Darren Slind, Executive Director, Canada and Latin America, J.D. Power


Apresentação | 2013 Congresso Fenabrave - Darren Slind

—Darren Slind, Diretor sênior da J.D. Power para Canadá e América Latina, J.D. Power

Portuguese, Brazil

Presentation | 2014 Congresso Fenabrave - Chris Sutton

What did U.S. dealers do to restore profitability during the crisis of 2008-2009 in the changing and challenging environment? What strategies, sales and post-sales, can be applied in Brazil today? These and other approaches are the focus of this presentation.

—Chris Sutton, Senior Director, Automotive Retail Practice, J.D. Power



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