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Dave Habiger Appointed President and CEO of J.D. Power

Dave Habiger


Automotive Summit Awards Luncheon

LAS VEGAS: 22 March 2018 — J.D. Power will present seven awards to five automotive manufacturers at a luncheon here today for their cumulative outstanding performances in 2017 J.D. Power automotive studies. This marks the first time that J.D. Power will honor the overall consistency demonstrated by these pace-setting car companies.

The categories and honorees are:


U.S. Telecom In-Home Service Technician Study

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 22 March 2018 — Long, imprecise service windows have been the bad joke of the telecommunications industry ever since Jim Carrey caricatured a crazy service technician in “The Cable Guy.” Despite widespread awareness, the problem persists for many telecommunications companies. According to the inaugural J.D. Power U.S. Telecom In-Home Service Technician Study,SM released today, longer service windows and late or early arrival times have a negative effect on customer satisfaction.


Automated Driving Systems Report

DETROIT: 21 March 2018 — The continuing development of automated driving systems (ADS) will lead to the most substantive changes in the 130-year history of the automotive industry. This rapid evolution will bring radical changes to government regulations, industry practices, the potential obsolescence of human drivers and will also change the legal landscape for consumers, automakers, attorneys, insurance companies and others.


New-Energy Vehicles: Unfolding in China

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2018 Utility Digital Experience Study

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 21 March 2018 — Utilities are among the lowest-performing industry groups when it comes to delivering distinct digital customer experiences, but some pioneers have found the secret to digital success, according to the J.D. Power 2018 Utility Digital Experience Study,SM.


2018 U.S. Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Study

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 22 March 2018 — Overall customer satisfaction with original equipment tires shows a year-over-year increase, and has improved significantly since 2015, according to the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Study,SM released today. Notable, too, is that run-flat tires are closing the satisfaction gap with conventional tires.


J.D. Power携手易车首次在中国推出消费级汽车评级产品


2018年3月15日,上海— 又是一年“消费者权益日”,广大中国消费者再一次从幕后走到台前。随着中国社会消费升级时代的到来,一方面,消费者的消费理念更加多元化、个性化,另一方面,面对纷繁芜杂的消费市场,今天的消费者对准确透明的产品信息和真实评价有着更为迫切的需求。

为帮助中国消费者从繁杂的购车信息中掌握到最有价值的部分,J.D. Power(君迪)在易车平台上正式发布根据其研究得出的第三方车型评级和指数,这也是双方去年底达成战略合作之后的首个落地产品。日前,中国消费者已可通过易车旗下明星APP、当前汽车报价领域最受欢迎的手机应用之一“汽车报价大全”,查看每款车型基于J.D. Power新车质量研究(IQS)和魅力指数研究(APEAL)的最新详细评级。

Chinese, Simplified

2018年 生命保険保全手続満足度調査






2018 U.S. Customer Service Index Study

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 15 March 2018 — Service quality continues to be the main driver of customer satisfaction among individuals who get their vehicles serviced which, in turn, leads to greater brand advocacy, according to the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study,SM released today. Additionally, overall satisfaction in 2018 improves 12 index points from 2017.



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