Defensive Driving Saves Lives and Money

Aggressive drivers - unfortunately they have become an accepted part of driving today. While we can't do much about the behavior of others, we can always drive with control and can learn how to best react when faced with an aggressive driver. Have you considered taking a course in defensive driving? Defensive driving courses can teach you collision prevention techniques, general defensive driving skills and tips on avoiding road rage. By learning these skills, we can protect ourselves and others in our car while making the road safer for everyone.

Aggressive Driving And Road Rage

As drivers hit the highways for weekend excursions and road trips, many will lose their basic sense of life's priorities and drive aggressively. Whether it's the false sense of control and power that being behind the wheel gives them, or the feeling of anonymity for their actions, aggressive drivers overlook the immediate safety and well-being of themselves, their passengers, and the human life in the vehicles around them.

Steps To Follow If You Are In A Car Accident

Statistics show that most of us have been involved in an accident, whether or not we were behind the wheel. But of those who have been in an auto accident, how many of us knew offhand the correct steps to follow in this situation? And many auto insurance consumers may not know the quickest and easiest route to filing a claim with your insurance company.

Automakers Are Working to Deliver "Green Machines"

2011 Chevrolet VoltThere'll be plenty of talk about "green"technology at the 2009 Los Angeles International Auto Show, with dozens of alternative-fuel vehicles, hybrids, plug-ins and even battery-electric vehicles on display.

Are You A Distracted Driver?

Ever tried to eat a burger while driving? What about trying to separate your two fighting kids in the back seat? Ever reached down to pick up a CD that fell on the floor while driving? These are just a few of the most common driver distractions.

Three Values Associated with Used-Vehicle Pricing

There are three values commonly associated with used-vehicle pricing:trade-in value, private party value, and retail value.

Buying a New Vehicle

Each year, millions of consumers venture into automotive showrooms in search of a new vehicle. As dealerships focus on improving customer satisfaction, they have become more consumer-oriented in an effort to make the buying process more enjoyable and informative.

While today's showrooms are brighter and more inviting, the buying process has changed very little in decades. The transaction process is less confusing when you understand the roles of key individuals at the dealership, and some basic terminology used during the sales process.

Should I Trade my Old Car In or Sell it Privately?

The most common dilemma facing new car buyers is whether to trade their existing car in to the dealer,or sell it privately. The answer to the question is determined by what kind of vehicle you own, the condition of the vehicle, the availability of time, and the financial implications.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Thanks to manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO) programs, buying a used vehicle can involve less risk and provide you with added benefits. Here are some facts to keep in mind as you consider whether purchasing a CPO vehicle is right for you.


Common Lease Questions and Terminology

Vehicle leasing is a contract to acquire the use of the vehicle for only a specific period. Most often it is for a two- or three-year period of time. In most cases, the lease payment will be lower than the purchase payment, making leasing increasingly popular as the price of new vehicles continues to rise.

Why are lease payments often less than finance payments?


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