Driving Tips: SUVs vs. Cars

Driver reaction is a critical factor in preventing any accident, but in an SUV, driver input can play an even greater role. That's because SUVs are larger, heavier, and sit higher off the ground. In short, SUVs are not as agile as passenger cars. Because of these factors, SUVs are more than three times as likely to roll as passenger cars (To learn more, read Vehicle Rollover Risk: What You Should Know).

Vehicle Rollover Risk

While accidents that involve vehicle rollovers are relatively rare, you should be aware of the risk-especially if you drive a sport utility vehicle (SUV). Statistics indicate that SUVs are three times more likely to be involved in a rollover accident than passenger cars. And, if a rollover does occur, occupants riding in SUVs are most at risk.

Do You Need an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is effectively an insurance policy designed to protect the owner from the cost of repairs after the original new-vehicle warranty has expired. An extended warranty is sometimes called a service contract, vehicle service agreement, or extended service agreement.

What are the types of extended warranties?

Choosing the Right Engine Size

Deciding which new vehicle to purchase is made more difficult by the wide array of engines available for each model. A buyer might think small engines offer better fuel economy while larger engines will deliver performance. In truth, fuel economy isn't always proportional to engine , and big engines don't always provide the best performance.

To better understand which engine is best for your needs, it helps to understand the relationship between engine , horsepower and torque. It also helps to understand government fuel economy guidelines.

Shopping for a Used Car Online

With so much content and information available online today, the Internet is making it easier than ever for prospective buyers to shop for a used vehicle. The following tips may be helpful for shoppers in the market for a used vehicle and may help improve satisfaction with their used-vehicle purchase experience.

How Do I Buy a New Car?


Used-Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

Purchasing a used vehicle can be risky. When excited buyers get emotionally caught up in the vehicle purchase, they often miss mechanical, cosmetic, and safety issues during visual inspections and test drives. These problems are compounded if the vehicle being purchased is located in another city and is purchased prior to being seen in person. To eliminate much of the anxiety and get an accurate picture of the condition of the vehicle, many buyers choose to have a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) done before the sale is final.

Used Car Buying Tips-Purchase Experience

1. Consider buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle programs typically select used vehicles in excellent condition with low mileage and put them through a rigorous set of inspections recommended by the manufacturer. CPO vehicles often come with additional warranties from the manufacturer and/or special services for breakdowns, such as 24-hour roadside assistance. Always check the warranty thoroughly before purchasing a CPO vehicle and be aware of any maintenance services offered under the program.

Time for a Replacement Vehicle? Consider CPO

When you look at the vehicle in your driveway and decide it's time for a new one, that's only the beginning of the process. After calculating, weighing and balancing the various costs between new and used vehicles _ such as purchase price, operating expense, registration and insurance _ you come to the decision that this time a used vehicle makes more sense. Trouble is, with a used vehicle come concerns such as:

  • Inheriting someone else's headache

  • Gambling that the vehicle is mechanically sound

Preparing Your Finances Before Buying a Car

Purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle is a significant financial transaction with payments lasting several years for most consumers. To simplify the negotiation process and secure the lowest payment possible, it is advisable to prepare three orders of business before visiting the dealership:


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