Time for a Replacement Vehicle? Consider CPO

When you look at the vehicle in your driveway and decide it's time for a new one, that's only the beginning of the process. After calculating, weighing and balancing the various costs between new and used vehicles _ such as purchase price, operating expense, registration and insurance _ you come to the decision that this time a used vehicle makes more sense. Trouble is, with a used vehicle come concerns such as:

  • Inheriting someone else's headache

  • Gambling that the vehicle is mechanically sound

Preparing Your Finances Before Buying a Car

Purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle is a significant financial transaction with payments lasting several years for most consumers. To simplify the negotiation process and secure the lowest payment possible, it is advisable to prepare three orders of business before visiting the dealership:

New Car Buyer's Guide

Making it easier to be a consumer is the mission, and we've compiled several short articles related to the purchase of a new car.Each answers questions that consumers frequently ask when they are in the marketplace to replace an older vehicle with a new one. The topics include information about vehicle trade-ins, negotiations, profit margins, vehicle values, and personal finances.

A Closer Look-Six Midsize Crossover Utility Vehicles

2010 Ford EdgeIntroduction

A Closer Look-Four Compact Crossover Utility Vehicles

Rapidly growing in popularity is the compact crossoverutility vehicle(CUV) segment.

Filing a Collision Claim

1. Be informed about your policy
Know what your insurance deductible is so you're prepared for any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. Find out if your insurance policy covers common expenses, such as fees to rent a car while your vehicle is being repaired and towing charges.

2. Keep good records

What Impacts Auto Insurance Costs

We all know that there are many factors that can affect your auto insurance costs. Some of the more obvious determinants are:

  • Gender and Age. Young male drivers are typically the most expensive to insure, especially if they have any type of mark on their driver's record.

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

While everyone that drives in this country has to have some form of auto insurance by law, many do not understand the basics of their policies. While we don't all have to be auto insurance experts, it is important to at least comprehend the major bricks that build our auto insurance policies.

There are five parts of a typical auto insurance contract (the titles of these sections may differ slightly from insurer to insurer, but they all address basically the same points):

How Much Profit Should a Dealer Make?

There is an old saying in the car business that states the "best price" during a sales transaction is the one that makes the dealer and the customer both happy-regardless of the actual dollar amount. During the negotiation process, consumers are focused on maximizing the discount. The dealer, on the other hand, is interested in making the customer happy while still earning a profit.

Online Car Shopping

Consumers in the market for a new vehicle are faced with making one choice from more than 40 different brands and more than 250 models, in potentially thousands of configurations. Choosing the make, body style, model, drivetrain, options and color, can become overwhelming to even the most informed buyer.

More makes to choose


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