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J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, data, analytics, and advisory services that helps clients drive growth and profitability.  The company’s industry benchmarks and reputation for independence and integrity have established it as one of the world’s most well-known and trusted brands.


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J.D. Power Webcast I 2012 Interior Paint Satisfaction Study

Painting the interior of a home is one of the most common, yet impactful home improvement projects consumers undertake. Manufacturers rely heavily on loyalty in terms of both repeat purchases and positive recommendations. Loyalty can only be achieved by truly understanding customers’ attitudes, preferences, and ultimately delivering an outstanding customer experience.  View the webcast to gain insights into the interior paint customer experience.


J.D. Power Webcast I 2012 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study

Understanding the Voice of the Customer is critical to success in today’s highly competitive home buying/selling marketplace. Knowing how home buyers and sellers evaluate your company’s services, compared with those of your competitors, will help your company increase its competitive advantage by fine-tuning the practices that may drive high levels of customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and advocacy, and grow market share.  View the webcast to gain insights from J.D. Power’s Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study.


White Paper I Customer Satisfaction Driving ROE for Utilities

J.D. Power’s utility industry research has identified quantifiable links between customer satisfaction and key financial metrics, such as profitability and credit ratings.  In fact, a highly satisfied customer base can be a leading indicator of return on equity for utilities. This finding suggests that electric utilities may benefit directly from investments in programs aimed specifically at improving customer satisfaction.


J.D. Power Webcast | Using Database Analytics for Customer Engagement

Creating awareness and motivating customers to engage with energy programs, services, and new technologies are a challenge for utilities. View the webcast to learn how Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) unlocked the potential of their database using a segmentation model to enhance the overall effectiveness of their customer engagement and marketing activities.


J.D. Power Webcast I Utility Communications: A Key Touch-Point

Communications have a significant influence on customers’ perceptions, level of engagement, and overall satisfaction with their utility.  It is one of the six weighted factors in the J.D. Power Utility Customer Satisfaction Index model.


Claims Performance Improvement Program

Improving the overall customer claims experience requires insurers to identify the areas that need improvement and to align their improvement initiatives across the entire organization. The challenge is knowing where to focus. The Claims Performance Improvement Program uses J.D. Power benchmark data to assess an insurer’s current claims processes.

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J.D. Power Store | 2014 U.S. Automotive Franchise Assessment

In today's competitive automotive environment, automakers and dealers are fighting for every sale while trying to improve customer satisfaction and financial results. Not everyone will prosper, or maybe even survive. The 2014 U.S. Automotive Franchise Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of how each of 32 franchises are performing in the U.S. market.


U.S. Automotive Consumer Insights

ACI Defined

J.D. Power’s Automotive Consumer Insights (ACI) is a new product developed exclusively for media sellers, which…



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