Automotive Retail Consulting

Providing practical solutions with a sense of the field

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As the product quality gaps among automakers narrows, the retail experience remains an area of differentiation. Manufacturers and dealers have the ability to generate long-term customer loyalty based on the quality of their sales experience.

J.D. Power helps to identify retail sales process strengths and weaknesses at the individual dealership and brand level, resulting in highly tactical and actionable data, analyses, and insights that drive performance improvement and a measurable ROI. 

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Performance Improvement Program (Sales/Service/Parts)

J.D. Power balances scientific management methods based on KPIs with the sense of the field, leading to steady improvements.

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In the sales field, we focus on the “quantity” and “quality” of sales activities, and instruct specific “methods” (skills, consciousness, processes) that can be put to practical use based on scientific management methods. We establish activity to increase.

In the service area, we will improve the number of goods received and the sales volume of services by performing appropriate warehouse management and process management, and realizing warehouse leveling and business efficiency. We will also improve parts sales through appropriate customer response and management practices.

This proprietary study details why shoppers leave or reject dealership showrooms in favor of other same-make showrooms or competitor brand showrooms when shopping for a new vehicle. This proprietary study provides tactical and insightful information to drive improvement in both retail sales and satisfaction improvement.

Retail Consulting

Whole store: 

  • Introduction and retention of product (vehicle) explainers
  • Foster brand loyalty
  • KPI setup and implementation
  • Review of personnel system and evaluation system
  • Recruiting support
  • Complaints and complaints
  • Store assessment (CS, performance, sales / service process, system)

Management area:

  • Improve management skills
  • Improve staff motivation
  • Improve communication skills with subordinates

Sales area:

  • Introduce and establish sales processes
  • Strengthen sales skills
  • Strengthen sales of specific (New) models
  • Strengthen used car sales

Service area:

  • Service process introduction and establishment
  • Strengthen customer responsiveness