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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Measurement & Management

Industry Benchmarks + Innovative Software Platform + Industry Expertise & Advice

We have simplified the Voice of the Customer Experience as VoX—our customer experience measurement and management solution that combines globally-recognized industry benchmarks, an innovative platform, and our data and analytics expertise. We are here to help you make data-driven decisions that will improve your customer experience and drive positive financial results.

Power in Your Pocket

Check your customer experience performance, address customer issues and track improvements, wherever you are.

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Set SMART Targets in Real Time.

While not quite Skynet yet, VoX just got a lot smarter. VoX will now self-adjust thresholds across the platform on its own, no manual update required.

The Right Data. For the Right People.

Each level of your organization has different roles, so why show them the same data? VoX tailors thresholds to the role or person. No longer do you have to set impersonal goals.

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Everything Delivered. At the Right Time.

Not only will VoX make smart updates, it will do so in real-time. VoX will monitor market activity as it happens and make the appropriate threshold adjustments immediately. No more waiting until the end of the month, end of the week or even end of day to adjust alert settings.

Don't Just Listen to Customers—Understand Them

Quickly view survey comments by theme and sentiment to turn unstructured data into actionable insights.

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Know Where You Stand and How to Jump Ahead of the Pack

See which competitors are leading the pack, how you stack-up, plus get insight into how you’ll perform in upcoming J.D. Power benchmark studies.

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Solve Customer Issues—In Real-Time

Act on customer issues in near-live time with configurable alerts, triggered as soon as a customer’s experience is in need of attention.

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Are We Driving ROI for You?

See how your organization is using the J.D. Power VoX Platform. Which regions/branches are seeing customer experience improvements? What tools are they using? Find the best practices and share them with your organization to drive further improvement.


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