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Since 1968, organizations around the world have relied on J.D. Power as a trusted advisor for deep expertise in the industries we serve, advanced research science to drive insights, and a proven success record for driving results.

By analyzing the many aspects of the customer experience, J.D. Power can identify the multiple drivers of that experience, measure and understand the impact of those drivers, and help drive business results by monitoring and improving performance.


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Seit nahezu 5 Jahrzehnten fungiert J.D.Power als zuverlässiger Partner: mit unschlagbarer Branchenexpertise, modernsten Erhebungsmethoden und nachgewiesenem Erfolg.

Grundlage des Erfolges ist ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz, bei dem wir alle Faktoren der Kundenzufriedenheit identifizieren, die Einflüsse erkennen und interpretieren. Damit liefern wir Ihnen ideale Voraussetzungen, um Ihre Ziele und Vorgaben zu erreichen.


Infographic I Resident Experience and Expectations

J.D. Power evaluated the experiences of residents across Canada to assess elements of satisfaction with their rental building, suite and management. Included were both existing and new renters (less than one year in their suite) which show some differences in experiences and expectations. Managers are exposed to a diverse set of needs at each of their properties which can make it challenging to delight all residents with the service delivered.


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U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study

Publish Date: March 27, 2018   |  Press Release Date: March 29, 2018  |  Sample Size: 4,608


Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study

In the increasingly competitive home improvement industry, consumers have more options than ever before in their building and remodeling projects, which makes it critical for window manufacturers to differentiate their brands and products in the marketplace. Manufacturers that understand their customers’ needs and expectations are better positioned to target performance improvement initiatives that may increase overall customer satisfaction, increase brand loyalty and advocacy, and maximize sales.


Project Profile | J.D. Power Insurance Benchmarking Studies

The Issue

A high-performing national insurance company began to slip in satisfaction rankings. Additionally, the company's retention rate was also negatively affected. The company needed to identify and implement methods for increasing both customer satisfaction and customer retention.


J.D. Power Insights | Advisor Retention and Recruitment

While advisor attrition remains relatively low, a significant portion of advisors lack loyalty to their current firm, posing a risk for switching. Learn what firms can do to ensure they are well-positioned to create an environment that elicits advisor dedication rather than indifference.


J.D. Power Insights | Mortgage Servicing Satisfaction

With new CFPB regulations going into effect in 2014, the mortgage servicing industry is at a pivotal juncture. Based on these new regulations and the existing mortgage rules, there are growing pressures and demands on servicers in relation to mortgage servicing policies and procedures. What should servicers do to create the optimal customer experience?



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