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Japan Call Center Satisfaction Study

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The Japan Call Center Satisfaction Study focuses on questions by normal consumers received in the company call centers the past year, and investigates the satisfaction towards the call center service as well as the intersecting of different industries in each activity.

Industries studied: Computer related manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, internet service providers, banks, securities companies, life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies, credit card companies, mobile phone companies and car companies. On top of that, mail-order companies which was used as a frame of reference.

Characteristics of the Study

In measuring customer satisfaction, the 2 factors of “person in charge/operator” and “automatic audio guidance” were established for the study after which the overall satisfaction score was computed on the basis of the how much each factor influenced overall satisfaction (on a 1,000 point scale).

Additionally, the actual state of a wide range of topics other than level of satisfaction such the experience of the caller and awareness. For that sake, we tried to grasp the quality and the actual conditions of the call center response from the viewpoint of the customer and we wish to offer you this information for maintaining and acquiring customers now and in the future.