J.D. Power Insights | Improving Financial Advisor Effectiveness

In upcoming years, financial advisors have a golden opportunity to play a more important role in expanding share of wallet among current investors and gaining business from new ones. Learn what it will take to win as this singular opportunity for investment firms emerges.


J.D. Power Insights | Stuck in the Middle

Regional and midsize banks tend to be “stuck in the middle” between big banks and community banks and credit unions regarding the competitive advantages they are able to offer. Learn what can regional and midsize banks can do to meet the challenge of competing with big banks that have closed the customer satisfaction performance gap, while also competing with credit unions and community banks that typically offer lower fees, better interest rates and a focus on excellent service.


J.D. Power Presentation | Delivering a Differentiated Mortgage Experience

Craig Martin, director of the financial services practice at J.D. Power, shared findings from J.D. Power’s 2013 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study and discussed the metrics that make the most impact on customer satisfaction.  Download the presentation during which Craig shared pragmatic insight on how lenders can increase customer satisfaction and repeat / referral business.


J.D. Power Insights | Small Business Commercial Customer Satisfaction

The inaugural J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Small Business Commercial Insurance StudySM provides insurance companies with an independent and objective measure of overall satisfaction levels among small business insurance customers in the United States. In addition to quantifying the factors that most influence overall satisfaction, this study provides insurers with valuable insights on how to prioritize improvement efforts based on a deep understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


U.S. Home Insurance Study

As new non-traditional insurance companies, such as Trov, enter the insurance market, traditional insurers must reconsider current business models and product offerings in order to not only compete with these new companies, but also with changing customer expectations based their experiences in other industries.

Insurers must understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction and identify their own operational strengths and weaknesses to make informed business decisions. They must also understand the digital preferences of each customer segment they serve.


U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study

With little in the way of price competition, your company’s growth is largely dependent on meeting customers’ expectations of their claims process experience. This expectation level continues to increase, as satisfaction among homeowners filing a claim is at an all-time high, despite an increase in catastrophic events. Knowing why your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with their claims experience, regardless of the cause or peril, and what your competitors are doing to meet their customers’ expectations are critical elements of your company’s ability to grow.


J.D. Power Store | Customer Impact Report: Communicating Price and Rate Increases

There is no way around it. When utilities raise rates, customers do not like it. The Communicating Price and Rate Increases Special Report examines the impact price and rate increases have on the utility customer experience; identifies customer preferences for communication and messaging strategies regarding price and rate increases; and identifies best practices via a case study of the highest-performing utility in areas influencing customer satisfaction and engagement.


J.D. Power Store | Customer Impact Report: Social Media Customer Interaction

In response to consumers' acceptance of social media, companies have embraced social media as a way to establish a presence; listen to what is being said about their brand; and interact with consumers.


J.D. Power Store | Briefing Report: 2013 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study

Understanding how customer sentiment affects loyalty and advocacy rates, and hence a utility's profitability is vital in today's market as customers gain greater transparency to competitive choice through the Internet. The Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Briefing Report provides an analysis of customer needs and desires at several service "moments of truth" and details the top service practices—or KPIs. This report provides valuable information that will help utility companies prioritize strategies targeting those areas most important to customers.


J.D. Power Store | Customer Impact Report: Communicating Safety to Customers

Many potential hazards are associated with delivering energy to residential homes in the United States. While most utilities make safety a top priority within their organization, how often—and how well—is that message conveyed beyond their corporate walls? The Communicating Safety to Customers Special Report provides utilities with valuable information on how and where they may improve in communicating safety messages to customers, and includes includes examples of best practices by high-performing utilities.



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