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Canadian Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study

Strong dealer/lender relationships continue to support automotive sales and customer satisfaction. Understanding the nuances of these relationships through the Voice of the Customer is the foundation of the J.D. Power 2018 Canadian Dealer Finance Satisfaction Study.SM


Canada Wireline Satisfaction Studies

Technology improvements and changing customer behaviour have altered consumption and demand for wireline services. Listening to the Voice of the Customer is increasingly critical to achieving success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Wireline providers that understand their customers’ expectations and experiences are better positioned to target needs and implement initiatives that will increase overall customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and advocacy, and maximize product penetration.


Canada Wireless Total Ownership Experience Study

As wireless network and phone technology has improved, customer usage patterns and overall reliance on wireless devices have adapted. Carriers that provide a dependable network, offer competitive service plans, and the latest mobile devices are typically well-positioned to achieve customer loyalty and advocacy, as well as larger market share. To increase customer satisfaction, maximize sales, and minimize switching activity, carriers must understand their customers’ needs and experiences and focus on continuous performance improvement initiatives.


J.D. Power Webcast I Developing a Utility Customer Experience Strategy

Developing a sustainable customer experience strategy which delights customers, motivates them to engage with your brand, evolves with market trends, and provides better financial results to shareholders is a common long-term goal for most utilities. Download the webcast PowerPoint slides to learn a proven approach for developing a strategy which results in a best-in-class customer experience and enables you to achieve meaningful results.


J.D. Power Webcast I What Today's Consumers Expect from Wireless Devices

Wireless connectivity has brought the world to customers’ fingers with devices such as tablets, smartphones, and traditional handsets.  As wireless carriers and device manufacturers compete in their respective industries, the brands that truly understand their customers’ experiences, preferences and expectations will be better positioned to develop products and services that increase satisfaction, repurchase intent, and maximize sales. View the webcast to learn five key attributes that drive repurchase intent among wireless device owners.


J.D. Power Webcast I Achieving Wireless Retail Excellence

Are the behaviors of your sales staff and in-store processes aligned with wireless retail best practices?  Are your current processes attracting new customers, increasing store traffic, minimizing churn, and driving a consistent customer experience?  View the webcast to learn three key components for achieving wireless retail excellence, best practices that facilitate a positive retail store experience, and the ROI of exceeding customer expectations.


J.D. Power Webcast I Optimizing the Utility Customer Online Experience

Increasing customer satisfaction and engagement while lowering operating costs is an integral part a utility’s long-term strategy.  One way leading utilities are accomplishing this is by making improvements to their website which in-turn increase satisfaction and the quantity of customers using online self-services. View the webcast to learn key findings from the J.D. Power Utility Website Evaluation StudySM and best practices employed by the highest-performing utilities in areas that influence customers’ online satisfaction with their utility’s website.


J.D. Power Webcast I Utility Program Engagement

Creating awareness and motivating customers to engage with their utility’s programs, products, and services is a challenge for utilities. J.D. Power research finds customers' overall satisfaction climbs as utility program participation increases. Satisfaction among customers who are not aware of any program is 587 (on a 1,000-point scale), compared with 646 among those who are aware of program offerings but do not participate.


J.D. Power Article I The J.D. Power Mystique

The April 2014 edition of American Gas Association magazine features an article titled, The J.D. Power Mystique. The article focuses on the significance of customer satisfaction rankings and how utilities are leveraging J.D. Power research to continually monitor and manage their brand’s performance in order to provide a better service to their customers. Read the article to learn more.



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