Automotive Product Consulting

J.D. Power serves the automotive industry with a full spectrum of products that address the entire automotive cycle.

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Quality problems are less often associated with actual defects or malfunctions and more often related to the ability of the product to meet customer expectations. J.D. Power helps automotive clients successfully understand and deliver on those expectations.

J.D. Power’s automotive consulting solutions help clients develop competitive advantages by integrating the Voice of the Customer into their strategic planning, development, supplier operations, and launch/production.

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Product Development

Vehicle Focused

  • Utilizes critical product/customer/market information to establish accurate and current understanding of requirements
  • Verifies that vehicle concept is accurately aligned with target market/segment requirements
  • Verifies that product planning/execution/validation is effectively aligned with market/consumer requirements

Process Focused

  • Refines existing product development  (PD) process to ensure effective data collection, analysis, utilization of market/consumer requirements at all key stages of development

Customer/Market Requirements Target Setting

  • Provides independent and advanced identification of customer, market and segment requirements from the VoC perspective early in the strategy and development process.  Model priorities, preferred executions and necessary performance levels are assigned to each vehicle system to accurately align with customer requirements / preferences and contenting in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the market.
Product Development
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Vehicle / System / HMI Evaluations

These evaluations provide an independent and advanced assessment (prior to and throughout the vehicle development period) of vehicle or system likes and dislikes from the perspective of customers. This service augments OEMs’ standard evaluations, which frequently do not accurately identify Voice of the Customer concerns prior to market entry.


J.D. Power’s team of manufacturing quality experts evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing quality operations (OEM and supplier). Voice of Customer and industry benchmark data are used to develop improvement activities that are scaled to the unique culture and conditions of the client. The focus of this service is to ensure that the production quality system is effective at identifying, containing, and preventing customer defined issues from reaching the marketplace while continuously improving key production metrics.

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Quality Information Systems

This activity is designed to refine and implement a Voice of the Customer-aligned quality information system (QIS) across markets and functions to help drive more accurate decision-making (including trade-off decisions) throughout the product life cycle.