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Japan Office Supply e-Order Service Study

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The Japan Office Supply e-Order Service Study targets companies from around the country with over 5 employees, and investigates the state of procuring office equipment and the level of satisfaction with mail order service.

Characteristics of the Study

In measuring customer satisfaction, the 5 factors of “website/catalogue”, “prices/billing”, “delivery service”, “products/service*” and “customer support” were established for the study after which the overall satisfaction score was computed on the basis of how much each factor influenced overall satisfaction (on a 1,000 point scale).

*Products/services: The state of the assortment and related services, and the value related to special campaigns and special offers to members.

Additionally, the actual state of a wide range of topics other than level of satisfaction such as the procuring of office equipment and future needs. For that sake, you can use this as information for a marketing strategy for maintaining and acquiring customers now and into the future.