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Japan Wireline Broadband Internet Service Satisfaction Study

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This study focuses on household users of fixed broadband lines (FTTH or CATV)  between the age of 20 and 64 (*The person in the household who decides the installation of the internet connection), and investigates the level of satisfaction with the fixed broadband connection.

Characteristics of the Study

In measuring customer satisfaction, the 4 factors of “network quality”, “services offered*”, “cost” and “customer support” were established for the study after which the overall satisfaction score was computed on the basis of how much each factor influenced overall satisfaction (on a 1,000 point scale).

* Services offered: This concerns to the internet connection services of various internet businesses. Specifically “homepage”, “point services and programs dependent on utilization”, “presents and campaign benefits”, “various facilities and services at special prices”, “fixed phone services such as the optical fiber phone service”, “television and video services”, “offering devices to set up wireless home LAN connection (Wi-Fi)”, “security services”, “charge support services” and so on.

Additionally, the actual state of a wide range of situations other than level of satisfaction such as the choosing process and conditions for use were inquired in this study. For that sake, you can use this as information for a marketing strategy for maintaining and acquiring customers now and into the future.