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Japan Primary Mortgage Service Satisfaction Study

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The Japan Primary Mortgage Service Satisfaction Study is a study targeting individuals in the process of paying back mortgages and investigating such things as their level of satisfaction with the lenders for their financial institution as well as the actual state for each type of activity.

The results of the study where divided and analyzed into the two studies below on the basis of the term of the mortgage contract. Contract section: Individuals who borrowed a new mortgage or converted an existing one within the past year. Repayment section: Individuals who are actually paying back an existing loan more than a year after the contract was signed.

Additionally, both studies where further divided into four segments by their form of service; "full-service banks (city and regional banks)", "self-directed banks", "trust banks", "community banks", and measures the level of satisfaction within each segment.

Characteristics of the Study

In measuring customer satisfaction, the factors below where established for the study and then the overall satisfaction score is computed on the basis of the how much each factor influenced overall satisfaction (on a 1,000 point scale).

Contract section:"Person in charge", "Call center", "online", "facility", "sign-up/contract inspection process", "account offerings"

Repayment section:"person in charge", "call center", "online", "account offerings", "billing and payment process"

Additionally, the actual state of a wide range of topics other than level of satisfaction such as the status at the time when the new mortgage was borrowed or converted, and the reception of the person in charge are asked in this study. You can use this as information for a marketing strategy for maintaining and acquiring customers now and into the future.